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Archive for August, 2008

Cleanvertising spotted in Farringdon, London

Posted by guesto on August 19, 2008

I spotted this in London today – the first example of “Cleanvertising” I
have personally seen – at the Smithfield Market end of St John’s
Street in Farringdon.

Cleanvertising in London

Cleanvertising in London

If you are not familiar with the concept of cleanvertising, I suggest you have a quick read of this post on Springwise, which is where I first heard of it.

Although it looks like someone has spray painted the pavement, it has actually had the graphic cleaned out of the dirt on the floor. So the Bacardi graphic is the clean bit, the contrast is how dirty the floor is.

I love this idea because it allows a brand to go geurilla without upsetting anyone or getting fined. It is free media and if the council doesn’t like it, it provides a nice nudge for them to clean the pavement.

So how could this be relevant to Sainsbury’s?
We are looking for places and ways to remind customers to not forget their reusable bags. Could this be a fun and very PRable of getting the message out there? Opens up a new take on “cleaning up”!


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Field Day 2008 – Amazing Foals, Awful Organisation

Posted by guesto on August 10, 2008

Went to Field Day in Victoria Park, London yesterday. Foals headlined and were amazing, really tight and energetic – looking forward to seeing them again at Brixton later in the year.

Foals on stage at Field Day

Foals on stage at Field Day

The weather did it’s best to ruin the day, alternating between drizzling pouring it down for the whole day. But the prize for ruining everyone’s fun must go not to the weather, but to the idiot organisers who managed to completely screw-up the toilets by way of poor planning and farcical management on the day.

This picture gives you an idea of how long the queues were, but what you can’t quite see is that when the queue reaches the toilet area itself, it goes through a zig-zag layout as if it were a queuw at Alton Towers. Even with that in place, the line literally reached from one side of the festival to the other. I felt sorry for the girls that had no choice but to stand in it.

Queue for the toilets

Queue for the toilets

I’ve been to a good 10-12 festivals of various sizes in my time, and I’ve never seen it managed so badly. They had nowhere near enough toilets for the number of people there, they had urinals lumped in with the cubicles so that queues formed where they didn’t need to, there was not enough signage and not enough marshals trying to help people find the right queue, instead of having arguments with paying customers that were rightly outraged at the situation.

At one point, I saw through the fence that only about a third of the urinals were in use, with the rest of them standing empty. Yet the useless marshals had everyone queueing in one giant line for no reason. When I suggested that they have a seperate queue for urinals to speed things up the marshal told me to just get in the queue but push through it! They actually made all the guys get into the zig zag and push through all the girls to get to the front, instead of just letting them through a side gate. Unbelievable.

Anyway. Aside from that, the day was pretty good. Foals were the highlight but I also enjoyed all the bands I saw, which were Howling Bells, White Lies, James Holden, Lightspeed Champion and Foals in that order. Photos are on my Flickr at

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