What to blog about?


I wonder just how many bloggers have asked themselves that question at some point?

You see when explaining blogging to a client yesterday, I realised that although I contribute to the impressive-sounding statistic about number of blogs in the world*, I do not contribute to the positive number of active blogs, but instead to the woeful number of blogs that die after launch due to lack of content. (apparently only about 20% of the total number are active, where people still contribute)

One reason that I am not currently blogging as much as I would like to is that I am not really sure what I should blog about. Seems ironic seeing as there are so many blogs dedicated to what one should write about to get to the front page of Digg, including some written by my favourite bloggers. But as one of them argues, it is better to write about what you feel sincere about, rather than write for the sake of getting on Digg or similar. After all, I have never chosen music by what the charts say, so why should I dictate my writing by what others may like?

Plus I have to ask why I would blog at all. To be totally honest, my last spurt of blogging a year ago was partially because I was interested in PRing myself for a new job, which I can honestly say that I’m not at the moment.

I do like finding new stuff (Ideas, technologies, trends etc) and writing what I think about them, but I prefer to prioritise sharing them with my team and clients before sending them into the general ether.

I am fascinated by my job (Senior Account Director at AKQA) – the things I learn and the business challenges I need to overcome. I think an enormous amount of it would make great blog fodder, but everything I consider blogging would probably break confidentiality or compromise competitive advantage. So I wouldn’t be much of a professional if I did that.

I’m also fascinated by the subject of digital and enjoy sharing new trend and technology findings, together with my opinions on them. However I must prioritise sharing these with my own team first, and of course with my client, for whom I oversee a private knowledge sharing blog.

Another thing of course that makes good blog fodder is contentious or contraversial opinion on a subject. I don’t feel the need to upset or provoke people for the sake of it, so I can’t see myself doing that without good cause or conviction.

So… in full recognition of the fact that I have effectively caveated this to be THE MOST BORING BLOG EVER, what do I intend to write here, and what is the point of doing it at all?

The single most important reason is that I enjoy it. I seem to have an increasing number of personal insights, moments of epiphany and open-ended opinions for debate. The natural home for such debate is, of course, the boozer. But my one attempt to transfer a pub-rant to the blogosphere – my vs MySpace post – seemed quite popular, so perhaps I should continue.

So frequency unknown, quality unknown, but lets see what happens.

*128 Million, according to technorati